Magellan 16.6 (former know as Opentext Analytics iHub) due April 2019

Theme: User experience and self-service

New visualizations types for self-service Analytics

Rich geographical maps

New chart types including Treemap and Histogram

New dashboard interactivity options

Use maps and charts as selectors

Global scope selectors: filter all tabs of a dashboard

Self-service data preparation (f.k.a Data Provisioning) feature enhancements

Filter expressions

Dynamic filter parameters

Data security rules

Usability enhancements

Compelling Modern BI

Big Data

Big Data Pipeline

Apache Spark data processing option (self-service BI against bigger data volumes)

iHub 16.4 – soon to be released – April 2018.

  • Enhanced Self-Service Data Preparation (aka Web Data Provisioning for Business Users)
  • Make it easier for line-of-business users to access and model the external data they need
  • Provide connectivity to mainstream relational databases
  • Enable the creation of Data Objects exposing parameters and custom drill up/down hierarchies
  • Richer and Better Visualizations
  • Provide new visualization types such as Word Cloud
  • Improve visualizations’ responsiveness and expressiveness
  • Future-Proof Analytics Platform
  • Upgrade iHub to 100% 64-bit architecture
  • Certify iHub’s interoperability with Amazon’s 64-bit Elastic File System
  • Lay the foundation for major new iHub features planned for post-16.4:
    ▪ Support Big Data volumes by offloading the processing to Apache Spark
    ▪ Extend iHub with full-fledged ETL capabilities