iHub 16.4 – soon to be released – April 2018.

  • Enhanced Self-Service Data Preparation (aka Web Data Provisioning for Business Users)
  • Make it easier for line-of-business users to access and model the external data they need
  • Provide connectivity to mainstream relational databases
  • Enable the creation of Data Objects exposing parameters and custom drill up/down hierarchies
  • Richer and Better Visualizations
  • Provide new visualization types such as Word Cloud
  • Improve visualizations’ responsiveness and expressiveness
  • Future-Proof Analytics Platform
  • Upgrade iHub to 100% 64-bit architecture
  • Certify iHub’s interoperability with Amazon’s 64-bit Elastic File System
  • Lay the foundation for major new iHub features planned for post-16.4:
    ▪ Support Big Data volumes by offloading the processing to Apache Spark
    ▪ Extend iHub with full-fledged ETL capabilities