Reportsoft merges with Carve Consulting P/S

By 15. Dec. 2020 Reportsoft has merged with Carve Consulting P/S and transferred the Opentext agency and support responsibility to Carve Consulting P/S. All employees from Reportsoft are now Carve Consulting P/S employees, All Reportsoft customers will get the exact same service from the same employees – as for the last 12 years with Reportsoft. For more information – please check:

Opentext World complimentary digital event 26-29 Oct. 2020

Registration is now open for OpenText World, the global user conference that brings the OpenText community together. Save your seat and join us for a new engaging digital experience to expand your product knowledge and grow your career.

OpenText World is a complimentary digital event that offers insightful live keynotes, in-depth breakouts, virtual labs, the OpenText World Expo and opportunities to network with industry leaders. Learn about today’s key topic areas, including:
• Content Services–connect content with the people and systems that need it to accelerate productivity, simplify processes and enhance governance.
• Business Network–integrate people, systems and things in the cloud across extended supply chain ecosystems.
• Digital Experience–design and deliver meaningful digital experiences across all omnichannel interactions, from call centers and emails to digital devices and direct mail.
• Cyber Security and Investigations–maintain business security and continuity with cyber threat, data loss and endpoint protection, forensic investigation and remediation.
• AI, Analytics & Automation–optimize processes with insight, automation and data-driven decision making.
• Application Development–quickly adopt new technologies or adapt processes with API-driven products and developer services.

New this year: Attend OpenText World and purchase a training course to be eligible for a free OpenText certification exam (an $800 USD value). Show off your new expertise with an OpenText digital badge once you complete a training course or an exam!

Magellan 20.3 Generally Available

July 2020.

OOTB Dashboard themes.

Modern Dashboard web designer enhancements.

Support for custom chart series names and legend titles.

Framework to externalize common customizations and facilitate upgrades.

Support for IPv6.

New deployment option: Azure Kubernetes Service.

Whitelisting of system resources to enhance security.

Multilevel cascading parameters.

Language Support enhancements.

Magellan 16.6 (former know as Opentext Analytics iHub) due April 2019

Theme: User experience and self-service

New visualizations types for self-service Analytics

Rich geographical maps

New chart types including Treemap and Histogram

New dashboard interactivity options

Use maps and charts as selectors

Global scope selectors: filter all tabs of a dashboard

Self-service data preparation (f.k.a Data Provisioning) feature enhancements

Filter expressions

Dynamic filter parameters

Data security rules

Usability enhancements

Compelling Modern BI

Big Data

Big Data Pipeline

Apache Spark data processing option (self-service BI against bigger data volumes)


Version: 11SP6 Planned : October , 2018

✓ Compatibility
o New supported OS platforms: RHEL 7.4, Windows 2016
o New supported browsers: latest Chrome (Windows/Linux), latest IE 11
& Edge (Windows), latest Firefox (Windows/Linux), latest Safari (Mac OS X)
o New supported application servers: latest Tomcat
o New supported databases: SQL Server 2016, latest PostgreSQL, Oracle
✓ Security
o Cross-site request forgery protection

OpenText Innovation Tour 2018

Innovation Tour

With the Innovation Tour 2018 we will be visiting 9 cities as we take Enterprise World 2017 on the road and showcase the key theme of “The Future of Digital”.

Each 1-day event will be comprised of main stage keynotes, select vertical user groups for networking breaks, breakout sessions and an Innovation Expo with demos and product experts. Join us as we travel the globe and visit a city near you!